Saturday, September 6, 2014

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Seo Advantages Of Responsive Website Design Mobile Al

Responsive design is a technique which is used in response to the need for websites to adapt according to mobile devices. With the emergence of smartphones, there was a sudden increase of internet users, but the websites designed according to old designing technology are not compatible with mobile devices. Still, the Internet has always been an industry that knows how to adapt to change.
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Website Design Mobile Al
Flexible design is an adaptation of the web to the medium in which you want to view. With the arrival of Responsive website Design mobile al has not only improved in terms of usability and interaction, but also for the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The adaptable design can help the ranking of a website on the search engines through a series of improvements in the web:
A unique URL
This is precisely one of the main advantages of the responsive website design mobile al. While at first he had begun to use different domains or subdomains to create a mobile site, it is no longer necessary.
The user navigation is better. The website is adapted to the medium in which it is displayed allowing the user an easier way to navigate. To understand this, we can use a simple example: in a website seen by a computer, can be exercised links text (link), however, if this site is viewed from a mobile device, text links are often too small to hit with your fingers. Therefore we consider the use of the buttons to improve usability.
When a user browsed to a web site using a mobile device and any shared URL, this came to a number of users who did not use to power a mobile phone to connect to the Internet. The URL you received was mobile, however, they were connected via PC. It was therefore necessary to create redirects to guide you to the right site to not miss the browsing experience. Since all devices now accessing the same URL, redirects are no longer needed.
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Saving Resources
As simple as it is not necessary to accommodate different versions of the website or have different domains. The monthly cost of web resources can be significantly reduced. You can also save by the simple fact of not having to create a mobile application.
Updates more efficient
Updates to the website are much more efficient because instead of making changes to 2 or 3 sites, now just have to do it in one. For example, if we wanted to make a change in the identity and Corporate change the main color of the web, with Responsive website Design mobile al is necessary to adjust only one CSS file and that without it, you have to change all the CSS from all versions of websites including the mobile version.
Since this is a site in itself when we want to upgrade our mobile site, we should make the changes in both the desktop version and in the version for mobile devices. The responsive website Design mobile al instead helps us with the changes to the website that will be visible for all screen resolutions.